The club has a trap shooting league for every season. Shooting takes place every Wednesday afternoon/evening and a league will be for a 6 or 8 week period. The end date for a league may change due to weather cancellations. For each cancellation, the ending date moves out another week. Shooters are competing for trophies and/or prizes. The fee is $14 per person for a Wednesday evening of shooting. If you are interested in participating in the league shoots, contact us or stop by on a Wednesday evening.
You can also sign-up to receive league email information at the bottom of this page.

JOIN A TEAM OR START YOUR OWN TEAM. Teams are comprised of 5 shooters; up to 3 substitutes are permitted. Each individual will shoot a total of two rounds (50 shots) of trap. Teams are encouraged to have a company or business provide sponsorship, but not necessary.

The League Team Sign-up sheet can be printed here.

    The first night of a new league you will want to register and pay the fees in the clubhouse at the cashier window. It is preferred that you fill out and print the registration form on our website, otherwise forms will be available at the clubhouse, please print legibly. Your team will request a shoot time during the registration process. Time slots are every 30 minutes starting at 4:00pm till 7:00pm. The earlier you register the more likely you are to receive your preferred time slot. Once you have registered and the fees are paid you will be given a score sheet for your team, for that night. Two rounds (25-shots each) are shot every week (Wednesday night) of league. The length of the league is generally 8-weeks for the Spring, Summer, and Fall leagues and for the other smaller leagues 6-weeks.

    The first week will be shot from the 16-yard line by every team. You can shoot on any Trap Field (1-8) on a first come first serve basis.

    The second week every team will shoot from the 20-yard line. There will be a shoot schedule in the clubhouse and on our website that will have the time your team will shoot and the trap field that you will shoot on.

    The third week every team will shoot from the 25-yard line. There will be a shoot schedule in the clubhouse and on our website that will have the time you will shoot and the trap field that you will shoot on.

    At the end of the third week, teams will be classified (based upon score) as AA, A, B, C, D, or E class with AA being the more experienced teams.

    For each week of shooting after the third week, the shoot schedule will also have the yard line that your team will shoot from. The HANDICAPPING, is conducted as follows:
    1-yard line is decrement for each class. So for those teams in class AA, the team that is the leader in points, will shoot from the 27-yard line. Those in A, the leading team will  shoot at the 26-yard line, the team leading in class B will shoot at the 25-yard line and so on.

    For the teams who are behind the leader, within your class, for every 5 points less than the leader, 1-yard is decremented, to the minimum, which is the 16-yard line.

    Teams are expected to be on time. If a team is late by fifteen (15) minutes from their scheduled shoot time, and another team is waiting the time slot will be forfeited. The forfeited team will then be added to the first available time slot for the assigned trap field. Teams should try their best to have both rounds shot within their half hour time period.

Squad Leader

    The squad leader will be responsible for checking and signing the scorecard directly after shooting. By signing the scorecard the squad leader agrees that the scores are correct and understands that all scores are final.

Payments of League Fees

    Full payment of the league fees is due by the third week of the league. If you are unable to pay the full amount by then, talk with the ladies at the cashier window about making other arrangements, they are willing to work with you. Individuals who have not paid the league fees will not be able to shoot until they have paid.


    Substitutes must be named and added to the score sheet by club personnel by the third week. It is preferred that they be named when registering the team on the first night, but must be declared by the third week.

Make-up/Shoot in Advance

    In the first three weeks, you can shoot make-up/advance at anytime, but YOU MUST have it all completed by the third week of league so classifications can be completed.

    After the third week you can only shoot in advance and the yard line rules are as follows:

    If you are shooting for the next week and the yard line is known, you will shoot from that yard line. If the yard line is unknown, you will shoot from the maximum yard line for your class.

    Make-up/Advance can be shot during league shooting hours when there are open time slots and it can be arrange. Make-up/advance shooting can also be done on Sundays during normal operating hours, however if there is an ATA event, the ATA shoot has priority and you may not be able to shoot that day.

Trophies & Awards

On the last night of the league, there is a free meal and the trophies will be awarded to the teams and individuals, shortly after the last team has finished shooting.

Trophies, awards and winning categories vary from league to league and are dependent upon the number of participants and length (weeks) of the league. Typically for a large league, the winning categories are:

Most Improved:
    Male & Female

High Score:
    Male & Female/Long Yardage
    Male & Female/Short Yardage

Team Trophies/Awards:
    Team members (does not include substitutes) for each class with the highest score.

You must shoot every week of the league to qualify for Most Improved Shooter, where the average score of the first segment is compared to the average score of the second segment. Long/Short Yardage is the average of the Yard line that you shot from.


    Weather cancellations will be at the discretion of management.


    Your safety is important to keep everyone safe and make your experience the best possible:

For a complete list of Club Rules go here.

Target Loads Only

Only 7-1/2, 8, or 9 size shot in targets loads of 3 dram or less equivalent (1200fps) can be used on any shooting field. If you have a question about load, please ask management.

Shooting non-permitted ammunition is grounds for removal from the premises.


Shooters are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanship like manner. Any conduct such as physical abuse, verbal abuse or threats of any type directed to shoot personnel, other competitors, or any other person, whether on or off the shooting line may result in being asked to leave the property.

Practice Shooting

Shooting a practice round (25 shots) on the "P" (Practice) trap requires a ticket. Tickets can be purchased in clubhouse. Give the ticket to the practice trap attendant just before you shoot.

League Start Date
Spring April 3, 2019
Summer June 12, 2019 - 8 Weeks
Fall *August 14, 2019 - 6 Weeks
Cold Gun December 30, 2018
Winter January 20, 2019

* Tentative start date, dependent upon weather cancellations of previous league, check back for updates.

League scores are posted here


Hit% - Hit Percentage (based on 50 targets)
Hit% Average - Your Average Percentage
Your Shooting Skills Progress - Group 3 Method, the first 3 rounds are compared to the last 3 rounds. Which is the average the first 3 rounds, subtracted from the average of the last 3 rounds. Only shown when all 8 rounds are entered.
Your Shooting Skills Progress - Half Group Method, the group is divided in half, then the first half is compared to the second half. Which is the average the first half (first 4 rounds) subtracted from the average of the second half (last 4 rounds). Only shown when all 8 rounds are entered.

Enter your scores and select Calculate

  Score Hit% Hit% Average
Score for Week 1    
Score for Week 2    
Score for Week 3    
Score for Week 4    
Score for Week 5    
Score for Week 6    
Score for Week 7    
Score for Week 8    
Total Score    
Average Score:  
Standard Deviation:  
Group 3 Method:  
Half Group Method:  

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